Wasting my energy

I hate you, but I still love you

How can this be, I just want to forget.

Thought you were me boo, guess that was never true.

Oh silly me, that’s just my regret.

Yes I hurt too , I’m sad but not cause of you.

Im crying deep down, cause of, guess who.

I don’t miss you at all I’m happier now.

At the same time I don’t believe this shit like wtf wow.

If you can forget me so easy, why was I even there?

Makes me wonder, were you even playing fair!

Fuck you and you.

Im having a déjà vu.

It’s the bad friends, round two?

I tell myself I don’t need you, bye for now.

Why am I still sad, you downgraded to a cow.

Deadset, lost me forever

Still my heart holds on, to you, not whoever.

This is why I’m done, these feeling are way too much.

I’m forgetting you more and more, even that soft first touch 😦

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