Family is everything

Poppa the good man, those were the years. Built strong and tough, time to wipe off the tears. The meaning of love, he spoke thereof. His intelligence and wisdom, woke the honour system. This honourable man, we need more of. We will never forget, always thought of. Together let’s play darts, let’s say cheers, it seems like only yesterday he was crafting all those beers.

Grandy is an angel, she comes from the heavens, and her existence falls from the heavenly essence. She prays for you, he and she. Cares for all, answers for thee. Life becomes good for her presence is special. Heal you she could, so precious so careful. A name so supreme, a blessed bloodstream. Treated like a Queen, the name is Josephine.

Along cane my Mummy and for that I am lucky. She cares so much and she’s far too funny. The softest touch I wouldn’t give up, for love nor money. A mother I love , for her big heart and precious soul. I hate being apart, without you I am not whole. I love you and I miss you, thank you for everything. I want to hug you and kiss you, I would do anything to feel the joy you bring and I really love it when to me, you sing.

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