My angel

I hear my Poppa voice, shit that’s just my intuition. I wanna do my own thing, not the old family tradition. Be real, I’m in the state of suspicion.

I told you about crashing my style, I wouldn’t be the lady I am it you weren’t making me smile . Take some time poppet, you need to calm down, while you’re at it, fix up your frown.

Hey so look, what’s up what’s up, gonna do what I said I wouldn’t do. Shake baby shake off the tears, keep on going, these are your learning years. You’re only human, humans have fears. Seems like yesterday, I was with you, crafting those beers, and I hope in the future, we get to say cheers. I’m saying what’s up with it, talking bout this power shit and how hard your loss hit, but knowing you, that’s the best bit.

Who gave me all the fools, to go destroy myself, I keep that shit on the shelf. Without you in my mind, I never would have dealt. I think that you’re amazing, you will always make my heart melt and most importantly, your love will always be felt.

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