Head up

You do realise, you deserve so much more. Why you turn up at his door, his words are like yeah right sure, what you even love him for?

I see you crying girl, head up high, you deserve the world. Twirl that curl, don’t be shy, man just fuck that guy! Not literally, I mean leave him far behind don’t give him the chance to lie 😉

One day you’ll  be crowned, the finest queen that rules the town, your strength you found all because you said bye bye clown!

You had to learn, you felt that pain, so you would love yourself and earn and gain, all that power, when he hear your name. No one else will be the same, you’re irreplaceable and not his to claim.

No one for that matter, you own yourself and you can’t be tamed, for loving yourself you can’t be blamed. It’s the only way to keep evil away. You are not a game so don’t let them play.


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