Simply special stuff

We are all on a journey with a focus.
Your life starts with you, now make your life good.

You’ll have your concerns.
You may even feel hopeless.

Don’t stop there, start to smile, you really should.
I bet, you forgot you could.
The world around you is being misunderstood.

Earth still goes around and the stars still like to sparkle.
Waves will still splash, it’s all there for you, now just enjoy.

Don’t be down, don’t be sad.
We all do really care, but it starts to annoy.

The ‘you know it’ effect, trust your gut, and stay true to yourself.
If you know you need help get yourself checked.
Earn the respect, then be happy as oneself.

Life goes on.
Keep your head up high.

We are lucky to be alive, you know…
Anyone could die.

-Laura Burchill-


I’ll start with a nice easy question,
what is love?

I’ll write for you, my life’s confession,
didn’t we learn in school to not push and shove?

Drugs every day with a loving sex session,
wake the fuck up and rise high above.

Scary things are real, even possession, the devil loves hate and anger,
just what I’m fucking sick of.

Loving can never be your profession,
love is a type of obsession.

Love is an emotion that feels good and hurts more.
Everyone loves different to the rest.

If you love sex, you’re far from a whore,
but your attitude problem, you think you’re the best.

You live and learn from every experience,
with every other being on earth.

Intimacy is beloved by being mysterious,
affection is caring, and makes up your worth.

I’m sorry to say, you can’t claim another as your own.
If it’s really meant to be, then lucky you, keep them close to your heart.

Expressions are extremely vocal, true emotions are always shown.
Bullseye boys, put in the effort, you need to do your part.

Some girls should be ashamed, it’s not to late to change your silly ways.
Good shit, easy life, if your lover can stay tamed.
Love isn’t easy, drains away my happy days.

Dear God

Question one, now this one aint fun, but I need to know, yo, why the drugs?
Did you get bored of love? tell me.
Just wanted to give the world a shove, but instead turned beauty into scum.
Have innocent kids all taxing from their Mum. Then comes addiction, which aint no science fiction, but if there’s drugs in the picture, then you have my attendance, not for company, but my body depends on it…

I’m fucked, which brings me to you, Mr God. Help me please before I lose the plot. Dear God, tell me, are ya really here? Cause I need your help, I aint thinking clear. Can you listen up, while I put some questions to ya ear? Mr God, I need you man, I’ve been living in fear.

Question two, Mr God, now this ones for you and it’s coming straight from the heart, so please be true. This ones about love and why we feel it all the time. For it to feel like such a crime. Just to spend a little time, with the lover of your life. Take them out, kiss em all the time, take them home, maybe even spend the night. But the thought of being hurt, still gives you a fright. It’s hard but you have to fight. If your loves not a lie, then you can’t let it die. If it dies, then your both left broken inside.

Thinking of the drugs and how it felt to be high, but I guess that’s what you wanted.
God no more you and I.

check up

The biggest battle is the one in your head.
not with a lover in bed.

Win your own mental war
and then… you’ll score.

Winning and grinning
Sinning and binning.

Love is fake, Love is real
I never know how to really feel.

God is a woman

Thank you for all your love and support. You have shown me how important I am to everyone around me.
I need you to understand one thing for me please.

There is a girl, waiting, she doesn’t know what for.
She’s waiting for her life to change.
She questions the point of living every day…

It’s not just an empty feeling, she’s in pain, but she never gives up, she never loses hope.
She keeps herself going, but in every moment, everything around her, works against her.
She’s not just tired, she’s exhausted, she’s questioning the point of it all.

She’s been hurt, abused, harassed, bullied, judged, taken advantage of.
She has been destroyed, watched herself shatter.
Built herself back up, piece by piece, she’s put herself back together.

And then, once she thinks she’s all okay.
She trusts again, loves again, she’s scared of getting hurt again, but there she is, being as strong as she possibly can.

Putting others before herself, that’s what good girls do.
And that’s why they break, so easily, and so often.

They give you everything they can possibly give you.
Just because making others happy means so much more to them than making themselves happy.

Her huge heart and her efforts to do good by everyone around her,
get’s taken advantage of, she knows this,
she’s seen and done it all before, she knows it drains everything out of her.

She fell in love … again
Now she’s heartbroken … again
A woman is now in pain but has to hold it all back … again

Every time she’s opened up or reached out for help.
Her sadness and her anger has affected everyone around her.
If she goes down, all that is around her goes down too.
She keeps her problems to herself, or else she becomes the problem.

She rebuilds herself, she’s made herself stronger, tells herself, I can do this on my own.
Now she’s hurting more than ever, but she knows what she NEEDS to do.

She wants to be dead, so in a way that she does not need to suffer anymore.
She needs to be her best.
Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay caring and keep loving.
She loves the love feeling, but hates being in love.
She wants to stay the fuck away from love, but keeps looking for it.

She’s waiting for just one person, to pick her up, and not only help her but to fix her.
She needs someone to understand her pain, maybe feel her pain for her.
She needs someone to love and care for her more than she has ever in her whole lifetime.
Seems impossible

She needs you… show her that love is real!
Love is everything

Appreciate that love, it’s too special to let go.
Once you let it go, you will never get it back.

Someone who loves you, loves you for a reason.
It’s a gift we should be more grateful for.

I love you so so much
Laura xoxo